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We are able to offer a wide range of services in all Nigerian and West African ports and will always strive to achieve encompassing solutions to  clients requests, by capitalising on our reliable and extensive local expertise and experience in the West African shipping terrain.

What we offer

Every ship owner and oil trader desires a reliable company to take care of matters whilst their vessels operate locally. They need agents/companies that boast firm alliances with the ports authorities and local service providers, while also taking into consideration key elements like cost effectiveness and vessels' quick turnaround.

With a 24/7 versatile operations team coverage developed on full HSEQ compliance, our services include but not limited to the following:

  • Hub Agency
  • Ship Agency
  • Protective Agency
  • Bunker fuels supply
  • Ship to ship transfers
  • Maritime Security Services
  • Ship supply
  • Ship spares logistics
  • Husbandary services
  • Ship chartering
  • Offshore Logistics support
  • Daily vessels situation report in West Africa.



Additional Service 

Integrated Shipping Solution:

Integrating the fragments in shipping and allied services in the oil and gas industry is currently viewed as a complex process which could be a total failure if the planning and the right resources are not deployed to harness the many variables.

For this purpose, the company comprises experienced hands from the oil and gas sectors, ship chartering/ ship broking sector, ship to ship coordinators, shipping agency, cargo inspection/ cargo superintendency agencies and the ship finance sector.

These fragments ultimately work as one, to offer an integrated shipping solution from load port to discharge port at a cost effective premium. This shipping model enables the clients to use their precious and limited time to focus on oil and gas trading, instead of dabbling into operations they are not too conversant with, thereby occasionally creating adverse effects on their abilities to concentrate, which could hamper the eventual growth of their respective companies.

The West Atlantic Ports Services would take the burden off clients by ensuring smooth operations from load port (off Lome, off Tema, off Cotonou and off Lagos) to any port in Nigeria.

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